Friday, 15 May 2015

It's been a blast

This week has been one of the most manic & exciting that I've had in a long time. This is what happened in a nutshell…

1.    The bit you may already know: I won a silver medal in a gymnastics competition (no – honestly – I really did!)

The bit you may not know: I’m so clumsy that I twisted my ankle in the warm up and had to sit like a muppet for a couple of hours with an ice-pack round it (doh)

The soppy bit: Big thank you to Frank & all my Friday ladies for making gymnastics a fab place to be!

2.    The bit you may already know: I had 6.5 minutes of fame on ITV’s This Morning programme talking about Williams Syndrome (This Morning - Little Miss Sunshine)

The bit you may not know: I spent almost an hour in make-up for that 6.5 minutes (no comments please!). Laying an old saying to rest: I'm pretty sure the TV doesn't put on 10 pounds. The presenters are just so, so tiny they make the rest of us look like hulks!

The soppy bit: I now have a huge crush on Phillip Schofield for being amazing enough to ignore the producers when they said we couldn’t mention the Awareness Day - and not only did he mention it, he also let me take a separate video we could use on the day.

3.    The bit you may already know: We've had the first ever William Syndrome Awareness day in the UK today:

The bit you may not know: There have been enough cakes sold on behalf of the Foundation today to feed a small (or maybe large) army, 6,000 stickers have been given out, thousands of temporary tattoos, leaflets, posters, T-shirts, etc, etc! And we’ve made over 55,000 impressions on twitter & reached over 40,000 people on Facebook!

The soppy bit: A huge amount of work by a relatively small amount of people went into making today a success. The Williams Syndrome Foundation team and all the members around the country have worked their socks off and I’m very proud to know them! 

That's it. I'm off to drink a vat of wine & get back to normality.

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