Friday, 13 March 2015

"Please have your 2 year old fill out this form"... Huh?

We're currently going through the process of applying for additional help for E for when he starts school in September. He's a sweet and charming boy but he does have developmental difficulties and left to his own devices he wouldn't stand a chance of "accessing the learning".

Without extra assistance I imagine his first day to go something like this:

·         Spend a few hours quietly re-ordering pens and pencils
·         Surreptitiously paint own hands, feet and clothes (avoiding all paper)
·         Chase classmate round trying to touch his nose
·         Get bopped on own nose for harassing classmate
·         Find trike in playground and spend 20 minutes attempting to get on
·         Smack another child when they try to take trike
·         Get excluded.

So, in order to avoid that scenario we’re applying for help. The process is very tedious and more than a little bit daunting.

Please don't misunderstand me. I'm incredibly grateful that this type of help exists (and indeed all types of help) and I'd go through a lot more to ensure E gets what he needs. However, we've had a different set of paperwork to fill in every week for the past 4 months now and I'm starting to go a bit batty.

Today I received an email entitled: "Ref: 2059375". It told us we need to attend a meeting in April with a number of E’s other carers and therapists. We’re moving our diaries around and taking guesses as to what the meeting is about as apparently we’re not on the “need to know” list for that.

This week’s form made me chuckle. “Using your child’s own words please detail how he feels extra help would benefit him and what he would most like help with”. Right. Well E has a developmental age of 2 and has just learnt to say “I need biscuit”. If this wasn’t so important I would have filled it out to be a very entertaining read…

Anyway, for the moment we'll continue to put our faith in the system, keep writing until our hands seize up and hope that we’re doing enough to get the official tick in the box come May.