Saturday, 24 January 2015

Earn an honest bob...

This week I was reminded of a sketch by Micky Flanagan. In it he talks about the unwritten contract between a homeowner and a window cleaner that allows the cleaner to have a good old nose around whilst the owners pretend they can't see him.
The reason this came to mind? Last week we were due out for an early evening meal. Mum & Dad were joining us and they turned up a bit early to keep an eye on the boys so that I could quickly get changed. They gave me the nod and I dutifully bounded upstairs, flinging clothes off as I went. As I ran through the bedroom door I still had jeans on but was down to my bra.

At which point I hear Little E say “Hello Daddy” downstairs. “Oh,” I think. “K’s home a bit earlier than expected”. 

As I take my jeans off I hear a noise against the bedroom window. I whizz round and come face-to-face with the window cleaner who gives me a very big grin.
I have no idea what to do so I simultaneously yelp, go bright red and fling my arms across myself. He then does the gentlemanly thing and pretends to be extremely interested in a spot on the window, leaving me time to grab a robe and make a swift exit to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, I'm properly attired and he knocks on the front door for payment. Straight faces all round (mine still a bit pink) until he turns to go, tips me a wink, flashes another wide grin and goes off to regale the story to his mate who's waiting in the van.

Ah well, could have been worse.

Note to self: E refers to K as “My Daddy” and most other men simply as “Daddy” (that’s led to a few interesting conversations!) - I  really must try and remember that!

*Clearly this isn't a picture of my window cleaner. Nothing wrong with a bit of wishful thinking though!