Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Power Rangers / Spiderman / Ironman Megaforce!

It's been what can only be described as a full-on superhero Christmas...

Santa came good again this year and delivered a sackful of toys to each of the boys. C tore off all the wrapping paper within seconds, set up a perimeter of various superhero figurines, and went on to convince himself that he's officially the 7th Power Ranger - complete with special powers and the ability to become a teenager at a moments notice (that one I believe). E preferred to play with each toy as they were unwrapped. After present number 3 he asked if there was a yellow power ranger in any of the gifts he had left. When he didn't get a definitive answer he refused to go near them for a couple of hours...

Unfortunately the fun has been slightly marred with the advent of E's eyes being stuck together for a few days! Dealing with a 3 year old who has conjunctivitis isn't fun at the best of times. Dealing with a 3 year old who has Williams Syndrome & major anxiety about anyone touching his face is nigh-on impossible! It's taking us around 6 hours on & off to get them clean & put drops in them. Shortly after K & I congratulate ourselves on a battle well fought & don our superhero capes, E heads off to bed and the process starts again. 

By happy coincidence though I seem to have a never-ending stash of wine, Prosecco, Baileys and chocolate, so nothing seems too stressful at the moment. I will have to spend the whole of 2015 exercising & living on lettuce but it's worth it!

We had a great moment recently with C. His Granddad pointed out that K could conceivably be "Ironman" as he had completed one. C asked what that meant and K proudly told him about having swum for 2.5 miles, cycled 112 miles and then run for 26.2 miles. C mulled the information over and then announced that Daddy clearly wasn't a contender as he couldn’t fly. With a rather unimpressed look on his face he returned to his game. Sorry K. Must try harder!

Happy New Year!

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