Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Power Rangers / Spiderman / Ironman Megaforce!

It's been what can only be described as a full-on superhero Christmas...

Santa came good again this year and delivered a sackful of toys to each of the boys. C tore off all the wrapping paper within seconds, set up a perimeter of various superhero figurines, and went on to convince himself that he's officially the 7th Power Ranger - complete with special powers and the ability to become a teenager at a moments notice (that one I believe). E preferred to play with each toy as they were unwrapped. After present number 3 he asked if there was a yellow power ranger in any of the gifts he had left. When he didn't get a definitive answer he refused to go near them for a couple of hours...

Unfortunately the fun has been slightly marred with the advent of E's eyes being stuck together for a few days! Dealing with a 3 year old who has conjunctivitis isn't fun at the best of times. Dealing with a 3 year old who has Williams Syndrome & major anxiety about anyone touching his face is nigh-on impossible! It's taking us around 6 hours on & off to get them clean & put drops in them. Shortly after K & I congratulate ourselves on a battle well fought & don our superhero capes, E heads off to bed and the process starts again. 

By happy coincidence though I seem to have a never-ending stash of wine, Prosecco, Baileys and chocolate, so nothing seems too stressful at the moment. I will have to spend the whole of 2015 exercising & living on lettuce but it's worth it!

We had a great moment recently with C. His Granddad pointed out that K could conceivably be "Ironman" as he had completed one. C asked what that meant and K proudly told him about having swum for 2.5 miles, cycled 112 miles and then run for 26.2 miles. C mulled the information over and then announced that Daddy clearly wasn't a contender as he couldn’t fly. With a rather unimpressed look on his face he returned to his game. Sorry K. Must try harder!

Happy New Year!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Dry December

I’m trying something new – not drinking alcohol for a few weeks before the Christmas festivities really kick off. Unsurprisingly my resolve has been sorely tested…

Last week we announced my company’s financial Results and at the same time we closed a large acquisition. Usually before Results we tend to work a bit later so stay over in a hotel to ensure we're bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when we kick off with the City at 7am the next day.

So on Tuesday morning I set off for the lawyers offices with my overnight bag packed and a spring in my step, ready to finalise the communications and celebrate the close of the acquisition. By 9pm the aforementioned spring had faded to heavy walk. Both sides were trying hard to resolve the last few sticking points but the clock was ticking. 

Pizza was ordered, delivered and eaten. The chocolate stash was gobbled up. The fridge was emptied of pop and water… and still the talks rumbled on.

At 2am we thought we were close. And at 3am. And 4am. At 4.30am we polished off the cold pizza. Closer still at 5am. At 5.30am I went on a ninja-style hunt through all the meeting rooms to scavenge any type of sugar boost that I could find (a couple of toffees were all my search turned up). At 6am we started to panic slightly and rewrite the comms.

We finally closed at 6.42am and just in the nick of time posted our releases to the Stock Exchange. Whilst the negotiating team went off to open the champagne that had been on ice for a number of hours, my CFO & I had a 5 minute shower & change, reapplied make-up and reappeared ready for our first meeting of the day!

When I got home that night the bottle of wine in my kitchen was dancing before my eyes! I managed to hold fast and fall into bed instead, but that's certainly not the only time I've been tempted over the last few weeks. Hopefully I can hold out for a few more days...