Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The case of the squished fairie...

According to my 5 year old, fairies do exist. They're an unequivocal fact of life, such as the sun coming up in the morning or gravity.

However, he does lament on a regular basis that whilst the tv says "all you have to do is believe and you'll see them", he apparently has never seen one - even though he believes "really really hard".

That all changed last week though...

We were preparing to go outside in the rain and the colours in the water caught his eye. Suddenly he had a wide-eyed look of wonderment on his face and was jumping up and down in excitment, shouting that he'd seen a fairy in the rain! He happily babbled away for a few minutes until we got into the car when he happened to glance down to the floor where there was a 5p that had been run over a few times. His face fell as he solemnly explained to me that he was very sorry, but it looked as though the fairy was dead. I had a moment of panic about how this would effect him, thought back to my childhood and dragged up memories of Peter Pan:

"Clap, C, clap. Apparently clapping brings fairies back to life!" - and I started clapping like a crazy woman.

My son then looked at me with an even more solemn look and replied:

"Mummy, I'm sorry, but she's been run over and is clearly dead. You'll be okay. Do you need a cuddle?". Er, right. So I guess there's no emotional scarring then.

The other exciting fairie related incident happened on Friday. C's first tooth fell out.. and he promptly swallowed it. This definitely wasn't what K and I had prepared for. C took it well but explained he was worried about how the tooth fairie would get it out of his tummy. We told him that she had magic and it would be fine.

Not completely convinced by our performance he decided to write a note to the fairie to explain what had happened. He's still learning to write and forming letters takes him a while, so the note he came up with said:

"Sorry fairy. My tooth is in my tummy." Short and succinct. With a satisfied sigh he decided that should cover it and he popped the note under his pillow. Sure enough, when he checked in the morning, the note had disappeared and in its place were two new shiny coins...