Monday, 9 June 2014

The opposite of "dressing to impress"

This weekend saw me jet off to the sunny climes of Indianapolis, USA, for a work event. After spending 16 hours getting here I decided I should attempt some sort of health & fitness regime and before breakfast I would first go to the gym and follow this up immediately with some swimming (not entirely sure why I thought this was a good idea).

SIDEBAR: In an attempt to waylay the signs of ageing I’ve recently taken up gymnastics. Those of you who know me will be aware that exercise of any sort is pretty alien to me, so gymnastics is quite a stretch (scuse the pun). However, it turns out that I love it! I’m of course not even close to being in the same league as some of the bendy 7 year olds who attend the class before me, but the fact that I can now do a handstand & cartwheel, and I’m learning how to use the equipment, makes me feel rather proud. 

BACK TO THE STORY – I wanted to minimise changing time so wore a swimming costume & a pair of lycra shorts to the gym. My thinking was that once I was done in the gym I’d slip out of the shorts and hey presto – straight into the pool. I did my workout, left the gym, went to open the door to the pool and realised that my card had stopped working. In fact, I couldn’t get through any door at all. I called for help on the emergency phone and was told the only way forward was for me to take my dodgy pass up to the main reception and have them redo it for me. So wearing my swimming costume, lycra shorts and no make-up I went and stood gingerly at front desk, willing them to make my time there as short as possible. I should at this juncture point out that the main reason I’m in Indianapolis is for a big industry event which has around 2,000 attendees - and it felt as though pretty much the whole lot of them were in reception at that point. However, I kept my head down, didn’t bump into anyone I knew and thought I’d gotten away with it.

It’s subsequently transpired that I most certainly did not get away with it, and, depending on the person I’ve been in the meeting with that’s brought it up (3x and counting) I’ve had a look of sympathy, some dodgy pats on the leg (really wasn't sure about that one!) and someone laughing out loud at me.

So am now fairly resigned to the fact that most of these potential clients have seen me prancing around in a swimming costume and am therefore pinning my hopes on our technology dazzling them as I’m pretty sure my dress sense hasn’t…!   

* Picture clearly not of me. Wouldn't mind prancing round Reception in that gear if I had her figure!