Sunday, 2 February 2014

Daddy day care

We've had a whirwind of a month - C's 5th birthday party (who knew that 35 relevatively small people could cause so much carnage and put away so much food?!), E's language develpment (he now has a few phrases he can run together such as "whosdat" & "howareyou", although his favourite is "Idontwanna"), and who could forget the moment that C's intellect overtook mine: "Mummy, which period did the Ankylosaurus live in - Cretaceous or Jurassic?". Erm.

But today marks the start of something bigger - it marks the start of Daddy Day Care week.

I'm off to South Africa with work. I have mixed feelings about this. The "me" in me is excited as the long days of work will apparently be kicked off with game drives (5.30am but there's always a compromise!). The "mum" in me is sad to be leaving C & E for so long. C and I have already had the talk about the fact that he'll miss me horribly but his pain could be lessened by a big present. And I don't know if E understands.

K's keeping hs plans close to his chest. This could have something to do with the fact that last time I went away for a couple of days, by the time I reached the airport all three "boys" had engaged in a full on game of herding dinosaurs, the toys had been used as an extra carpet covering & K was being used as a substitute bouncy castle.

I have no doubt K will manage admirably and the boys will have a lot of fun, although if I had to guess, I'd say the conversations might mirror some of the ones from the Eddie Murphy film:

"Hey, how did it go in there?"
"I missed."
"Hehe...what does that mean?"
"I missed!"
"Oh, hell no!"

"So... what else can we learn about?"
"Dolphins. Dolphins are good. Dolphins are fish"
"No, they're not"
"Yeah-huh, they live in water"
"That doesn't mean they're fish. Perhaps we should just ask another question."
"Okay. Where do babies come from?"

"Ok, you're gonna go out straight for a pass, and I want you to be my blocker. You'e gonna come across and cut left and I'll..."
"How about we just run in a circle?"
"Yeah, ok, that's a better idea" How about we just all run in a circle."



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