Monday, 2 December 2013

Losing weight's a good thing, no?

So fatfighters has generally been going fairly well. I say generally as the party season is now upon me and the dust, rabbit food & diet drinks in my cupboards seem to have been replaced by cheese, chocolate & wine. I'm still doing lots of thinking about exercise and healthy eating though - so that surely has to count for something!

Overall I've managed to lose enough weight to need to get my suits taken in - which I duly did last week. All good.. or is it?

This morning my company announced its financial results for the last year. It's a big deal for us so on results days I have to be in the office, bright eyed and bushy tailed, no later than 7am to start telling our story.

Cue this morning: a bleary-eyed shower at 5.15am, trowelled on some make-up to help with the "bright-eyed" look, pulled on one of the newly tailored suits, and tumbled into the waiting taxi. The problem was, I really did tumble.

My skirt had been taken in but the tailor hadn't put a slit back in, which meant that when I went to lift my leg to put a foot into the cab, my movement was restricted as the skirt wouldn't stretch any further. I was already over-balancing and there was nothing I could do except fall face first onto the seat. I then had to turn myself over, haul myself across the back seat and sort of swing my legs round. The taxi driver managed a polite "Erm - ready now love?". I demured and we set off.

Results day is always hectic, but only being able to travel a couple of inches with each step, and having to get help every time I wanted to climb the stairs really added an extra dimension!

Weight loss is definitely a good thing - but now and again there are a few unforeseen drawbacks!

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