Sunday, 3 November 2013

They grow up so quickly

It's an accepted wisdom that you should enjoy your children whilst they're young as they'll fly the nest before you know it. Now, I'm not debating that that is the case, but if like me you're still dealing with sleepless nights, sickness bugs and tantrums that make Attila the Hun seem like a teddy bear, it's not something that you tend to dwell on.

However, a conversation I had with my 4.5 year old recently started me thinking about this concept. He'd just gone through the bath and we were snuggling down for stories when he asked me what age he had to be to move out. Taken by surprise I plumped for 18. (Although having recently agreed to spend my Sunday mornings in the freezing cold watching him play rugby I'm thinking I ahould have gone younger!). 

C processed this information and then immediately started planning his departure. He decided that he'd have to be married (I argued that point but he seems to have a firm belief!). He quickly worked out that whilst he'd like to marry me, I was already married to Daddy & he'd probably be better off with someone his own age. So he plumped for his little friend P.

I asked if they planned to live nearby and was told no, he wouldn't have thought so, more likely that he and P would move to France or Saturn where they'd grow carrots, cucumbers & courgettes. He'd also get a job as either an astronaut, archaeologist, doctor (injectionist) or dinosaur.

So that's that then. Life is all planned out. (P seems to be going along with the plan although I'm not convinced she's been fully appraised of the details yet!).

C agrees he may still have a few lessons to learn but on the whole he feels that he's not too far off being a man (lovely situation a few weeks ago when he had a frog in his throat and thought his voice was breaking!). He believes he's pretty much got "life" covered though and knows the answers to most questions.
Prime example: I took him cycling in the park yesterday. As we went along he asked me why the path was cracked. I tried as best as I could to explain the theory of expansion and contraction and C listened carefully. At the end of my explanation he declared that he didn't think I was quite right on this point and felt the cracks were more likely to have been made by giant squirrels with massive claws.
With that kind of logic who knows how many more years I'll be standing out in the wind & rain for! And with little E currently tugging at my jean leg and shouting "up", I don't think my lot are flying the nest any time soon.