Saturday, 7 September 2013

Little 'uns & work

Yesterday I needed to speak to the CEO of our Australian region.

Because of the time difference we decided an 8am call would be best. Usually no problem except that on a Friday I try to do the school drop off. Work/life balance and all that.

I bundled the boys into the car and a minute later the phone rang. Before picking up (hands free of course!) I gave very clear instructions to the boys that they needed to keep quiet.

Apparently I was talking to myself.

As soon as the CEO started to speak E started yelling "gaga!" (his word for Grandad) at the top of his voice - over and over again.

C was quieter but making "Wow" sounds and trying to check with the CEO that he really was calling all the way from Australia.

To give him his due, the CEO valiantly battled through, pausing every now and again when E's yells of Grandad became too loud to hear anything else!

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