Monday, 23 September 2013

Crusty coffee trousers...

The trials and tribulations of everyday life have hit back with a vengeance!

This morning all I had to do was get myself ready for work, drop C at school and drive myself to the office.

It didn't quite go according to plan:

Woke up feeling a itchy. Looked in the mirror and realised that I'd had an allergic reaction to something and had massive red blotches all over my neck, torso, arms and hands - and my eyes were swollen. Mmm - attractive. Decided to battle through as I hadn't been to the office for a week and felt I really should show my face!

Got myself sorted as best I could (sporting huge scarf which resulted in numerous questions from C). C and I then jumped into the car for the 10 minute journey to school. Two minutes in I get "Mummy,  I'm desperate for the toilet". I tell him to hold on. One minute later "Mummy, I really am very desperate." Once again - told to hang on. One minute later "Mummy - if you don't find me a toilet right now I think I'm just going to do it here in the car". Arghhhh. I managed to distract him until we reached school and delivered him to his teachers.

Feeling rather frazzled (and itchy) I got back in the car to start my 1.5 hour journey to work. Having sat in the Monday morning traffic for about 20 minutes I remembered that I'd made myself a travel mug of coffee. I gratefully picked it up to take a big swig. Turns out the seal had gone on the lid and I ended up throwing a load of coffee down my shirt and onto my trousers.

At this point I figured I had two options. Option one - go home and curl up into a little ball. Perfectly accepatable under the circumstances. Option two - rumage around in the glove box and find large packet of chocolate buttons originally intended for the boys. Wolf them all down by 9am. I chose option two. No - chocolate buttons aren't on the fatfighters recommended eating list - but at this stage I didn't really care!

So I arrived in the office, rather late, face and neck lit up like a red belisher beacon, and in what had dried out to be rather crusty, coffee smelling trousers.

My colleagues are in for a treat today...

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