Monday, 23 September 2013

Crusty coffee trousers...

The trials and tribulations of everyday life have hit back with a vengeance!

This morning all I had to do was get myself ready for work, drop C at school and drive myself to the office.

It didn't quite go according to plan:

Woke up feeling a itchy. Looked in the mirror and realised that I'd had an allergic reaction to something and had massive red blotches all over my neck, torso, arms and hands - and my eyes were swollen. Mmm - attractive. Decided to battle through as I hadn't been to the office for a week and felt I really should show my face!

Got myself sorted as best I could (sporting huge scarf which resulted in numerous questions from C). C and I then jumped into the car for the 10 minute journey to school. Two minutes in I get "Mummy,  I'm desperate for the toilet". I tell him to hold on. One minute later "Mummy, I really am very desperate." Once again - told to hang on. One minute later "Mummy - if you don't find me a toilet right now I think I'm just going to do it here in the car". Arghhhh. I managed to distract him until we reached school and delivered him to his teachers.

Feeling rather frazzled (and itchy) I got back in the car to start my 1.5 hour journey to work. Having sat in the Monday morning traffic for about 20 minutes I remembered that I'd made myself a travel mug of coffee. I gratefully picked it up to take a big swig. Turns out the seal had gone on the lid and I ended up throwing a load of coffee down my shirt and onto my trousers.

At this point I figured I had two options. Option one - go home and curl up into a little ball. Perfectly accepatable under the circumstances. Option two - rumage around in the glove box and find large packet of chocolate buttons originally intended for the boys. Wolf them all down by 9am. I chose option two. No - chocolate buttons aren't on the fatfighters recommended eating list - but at this stage I didn't really care!

So I arrived in the office, rather late, face and neck lit up like a red belisher beacon, and in what had dried out to be rather crusty, coffee smelling trousers.

My colleagues are in for a treat today...

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The man's a frickin' genius

Yesterday we were told by E's cardiac consultant that as long as the fluid around his heart doesn't intensify we'll be able to bring the little man home later today.

On receiving this news both K and I began showering the man with thank you's and promises of life-long adoration.

E, however, seemed less impressed. He brushed off the genius he owes his life to with a wave of his hand, turned away and promptly launched himself into the arms of the attractive lady consultant who happened to be doing rounds at the same time - showering her in hugs & kisses. 

Awkward! Although I'm of course delighted to have E back at the top of his game.

I'm not, however, as delighted to have to go and donate blood. A few days ago when things weren't looking particularly rosy, E was given a couple of blood transfusions. I rashly offered up a silent promise to whichever deity was listening that if E came through okay I'd make my way to a blood bank on a regular basis (I hate offering up my veins as a pin cushion & am such a big girls's blouse that I once pranged the car after giving blood as my sugar level was too low).

Someone up there obviously thought it might be worth a chuckle though, so as E's due home I best find a blood bank near me and sign up. If anyone fancies joining me I'd be glad of the company - and a chocolate biscuit & lift home:-)

Just to finish on a slightly more serious note. I've been absolutely amazed by the tireless dedication of the nursing staff at the Evelina and, in particular, the ICU staff. They work as a flawless team - one that any business would pay good money to be able to emulate. There's no room for personal egos in that room. A confidence that between them and their colleagues they'll do the right thing - yes. But no personal glory hunters.

They saved E's life (after the surgeon saved it and the consultant before that!), so they'll be held in highest regards by me and my family forevermore.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Take a deep breath and man up

Right then. Little E is off for open heart surgery again tomorrow - second time in six months.

Whilst his Dad and I have once again been reduced to blithering messes, he's just going about his business.

Granted he doesn't really understand what's about to happen. But given that his heart is struggling to pump oxygen, the fact that outwardly he's still as determined & mischievous as ever bodes well. In anticipation of tomorrow he's flirted with the nurses, hi-fived the surgeon & looked menacingly at the anaesthetist. Bring it on...

My company have once again stepped up and been great about me unexpectedly taking some time off, so that's one less thing I need to worry about.

C is about to be spoilt rotten by his grandparents for a few days and is looking forward to visiting E when he's up and about so that he can go on the helter skelter, play on the table football and, oh yes, see his brother. (The hospital - The Evelina - caters exclusively for children and has the most incredible set up).

So I best take a leaf out of the boy's book - take a deep breath, "man up" and check out some of the toys whilst I'm waiting for E's return.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Little 'uns & work

Yesterday I needed to speak to the CEO of our Australian region.

Because of the time difference we decided an 8am call would be best. Usually no problem except that on a Friday I try to do the school drop off. Work/life balance and all that.

I bundled the boys into the car and a minute later the phone rang. Before picking up (hands free of course!) I gave very clear instructions to the boys that they needed to keep quiet.

Apparently I was talking to myself.

As soon as the CEO started to speak E started yelling "gaga!" (his word for Grandad) at the top of his voice - over and over again.

C was quieter but making "Wow" sounds and trying to check with the CEO that he really was calling all the way from Australia.

To give him his due, the CEO valiantly battled through, pausing every now and again when E's yells of Grandad became too loud to hear anything else!