Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Galloping sans horse - Miranda style

As part of my effort to shed the pounds (well – stones but let’s pretend it’s pounds) I realised I needed to do some exercise. I discounted going to the gym & swimming (convincing myself that it was too difficult to fit the exercise, shower & hair wash into a lunch hour). I discounted jogging - mainly because I don't like it if I'm being honest. I dabbled with dancing (Strictly style of course) but 8pm on a Friday night just didn't work for me.
So I was left with walking.
So on the days I work from home I now try and take a brisk walk for 40 minutes round the park.
I thought ahead and downloaded an audio book to keep me company. The particular audio book I’m listening to is “Is It Just Me?" by Miranda Hart. I know she’s not to some people’s taste but there are sections of the book where I laugh out loud – much to my fellow walkers shock.
Today whilst I was walking it struck me that whilst I have lots of “grown up” fun, I haven’t really done anything silly in a while. At the point I was thinking this Miranda happened to be listing things that people could do to add some joy to their daily lives: playing hopscotch, galloping, singing to Billy Joel... hang on. Back-track a minute. Galloping. Hmmm.
I was on the path in the park but to my left was a huge field with overgrown grass and wild flowers in it. I looked around. There were only 7 people in view. Seemed like good odds. So I proceeded to run and gallop through the field. I reached the end, smoothed my hair down and carried on with my walk as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.
Such fun!
A few odd looks came my way, but I really enjoyed it! I predict a rousing rendition of Uptown Girl later today...

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