Thursday, 2 May 2013

Feeling flush?

Yesterday I had a couple of meetings in various coffee shops around London. After the final one I decided I needed to answer the call of nature before heading home. I was at Kings Cross station so headed to the lavs there.
I was pleasantly surprised that they were clean and quite up-to-date loos. I ummed and ahhed for a few seconds about which cubicle to use, made my decision and figured that within a minute or two I’d be at the sinks and then heading for the tube.
The toilet had other ideas.
I got the shock of my life as it started flushing just as I sat down. It had one of the sensor flushes on it which usually goes off a few seconds after someone has finished. In this case, the sensor apparently had a loose connection and it decided to flush continuously until it couldn’t sense me anymore – and then stopped.
Luckily it was the last meeting of the day and I staggered home with a slightly wide-eyed expression!

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