Thursday, 23 May 2013

That ol' debate again...

As I took my 2.5 minutes under the shower this morning, avoiding the bath toys that were being thrown in by my youngest in an attempt to make me happy, I pondered how I’m getting on with the whole holding down a job/being a Mum thing.
On the one hand, you could say I’m managing fairly well. I still have a job and I still have two children. Well done me.
On the other hand, I don’t feel as though I’ve struck the right balance yet. I do wonder though if this is because there isn’t a “right” balance.
When I have a good week at work, it tends to be because I’ve put some extra time in. Equally, when my family are happiest it’s when I’m not working.
I was reminded of a lady I used to work with who stated one day that she felt she’d “done it all”. She’d got to the top of her career and she was a great Mum. I couldn’t disagree that she was flying high when it came to her job, but I did wonder if her children would agree with her that she was a great Mum – or if they’d have preferred her to be home with them a bit more and not been moved from country to country whenever she got promoted.
2.5 minutes isn’t really that long to ponder, so the rather grainy conclusion I came to is that at this stage in life I should probably just be pleased by the fact that I still have a job and I still have two children, and keep trying to balance the scales every time one tips out of kilter.
And if all else fails, there’s always wine.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Wasps & derrieres

Last night I went to a benefit dinner for Tim Payne - Wasps rugby player - with my new (ish) colleagues. I love attending rugby events as they’re some of the only times that I feel petite!
Sam Jones, young Wasps player who’s just been picked for the Barbarians, was sat on our table with us. Very nice guy and obviously delighted to be doing what he loves.

Our host for the night, Damian Hopley, introduced a game he wanted us to play. We had to guess how many “keepy-uppies” each rugby player could do. If we thought it would be more than the previous person we put our hands on our head, less and hands were to go on bottoms. Hmmm... Sneaky peak at Sam’s derrière... “You OWN bottom please” came Damian’s booming voice. Spoil sport.
Was great to get to know my new team a bit better as well. Apparently we’re all fairly good at drinking when the occassion demands it, and not shy in chasing down celebs for pics (well done on the Katherine Jenkins pic & the slightly less classy move of accosting Dallaglio outside the gents – you know who you are!).
My colleagues live about 90 minutes from where the event was held so they had to sneak out early to ensure they could get home. On their way to the exit they casually swiped some beers from a table so they could keep the party going on the train.
I think we’re going to get on just fine!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Feeling flush?

Yesterday I had a couple of meetings in various coffee shops around London. After the final one I decided I needed to answer the call of nature before heading home. I was at Kings Cross station so headed to the lavs there.
I was pleasantly surprised that they were clean and quite up-to-date loos. I ummed and ahhed for a few seconds about which cubicle to use, made my decision and figured that within a minute or two I’d be at the sinks and then heading for the tube.
The toilet had other ideas.
I got the shock of my life as it started flushing just as I sat down. It had one of the sensor flushes on it which usually goes off a few seconds after someone has finished. In this case, the sensor apparently had a loose connection and it decided to flush continuously until it couldn’t sense me anymore – and then stopped.
Luckily it was the last meeting of the day and I staggered home with a slightly wide-eyed expression!