Friday, 26 April 2013

Why are Mammoths extinct?

The other night I was putting C to bed and he asked me why Mammoths were extinct. Quickly realising that I had absolutely no idea as to why the woolly elephants died out I neatly side-stepped the question and brought the conversation round to other animals that were extinct. This inevitably led to us discussing dinosaurs and me feeling pretty smug that I was able to tell him about the asteroid hitting earth and wiping them all out.
A few days later we were on our way to school and he announced:
“You were right Mummy”
“Of course I was... What was I right about C?”
“The dinosaurs Mummy. I checked with my teachers and they said that a big rock from the sky did kill them all. Well done Mummy.”
“Erm. Thanks”.
“I checked because you didn’t know about the Mammoths so I wanted to make sure you were right about the dinosaurs”.
Right. So I didn’t side-step the Mammoth question at all. My 4 year old just sized up the situation, realised I hadn’t a clue, and let it slide.
I’m dreading a few years time when he comes back from school with proper homework. Thank God for the internet that’s all I can say.

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