Friday, 12 April 2013

Little E's heart

A number of you have asked why Little E needed heart surgery and if it was related to his Williams Syndrome.

For the doctors amongst you, he had supra-valvular aortic stenosis. For the rest of us that are sure we attended biology classes but can only remember the lesson that involved cucumbers (use your imagination), here's the simple explanation. (And yes, it is unfortunately one of the symptoms that Williams people are prone to).

His aorta which should be shaped like train tracks is was shaped like an hour glass. This meant that the blood was working extra hard to get through it and the effect was as though he was constantly in the gym. It had got to the stage where the consultants were concerned that if it was left untreated Little E might suffer heart-failure.

So an incredibly talented surgeon put him to sleep for 7 hours, patched his aorta with treated bovine tissue to make it wider and scraped away the extra muscle that had been generated by the heart acting as though it was in the gym.

A week later Little E was back home and now a few weeks on he's completely forgotten he just went through open heart surgery and is bouncing around like Tiger from Pooh Bear.

Bit of a serious post for just being off the blocks again but glad to answer your questions and also to say a big thank you to the Evalina Hospital for their amazing care and excellent children's facilities (helter skelter in the picture is actually on the ground floor of the hospital!).

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