Almost 2 years after E burst onto the scene (that's another story but let's just say that almost giving birth in a car park isn't for the faint-hearted!), I decided that it really was time to lose the baby weight. E is small for his age but even I could see the doubt in people's eyes when I talked about my "new" baby!

And so began 5 months of Fat fighters. Because I work full time I wasn't able to go and face weekly humiliation from Marjorie's Dawes. Instead I joined up online, threw out all my chocolate & filled the cupboards up with rabbit food & dust.

I'm doing pretty well - couple of dress sizes dropped & I haven't heard the sound of a seam splitting for a while. 

This week my resolved was sorely tested though.

I went to the US for work and whilst the hotel was lovely and the company enjoyable, the food was pretty dire. On the first morning I asked for an omelette with peppers & mushrooms - fairly acceptable on the health-ometer. When it turned up it had a stack of cheese in it. Ok. Note to self, ask for it sans cheese tomorrow. Not to worry though I thought, I'll just take it easy at lunch. Which proved fairly difficult as lunch was pizza or bruschetta. So - bread or bread then. Well, there were always the cookies or chocolate brownies to take my mind off it!

The food did improve a bit over the next few days and I even spied some greenery at one point. Overall I didn't do too badly and my resolve is still firm as I really don't want to resort to getting my clothes in "Mum" shops yet.

There are a few restaurant trips coming up though so we'll see how things go...