Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Take time for yourself each week...

This is a phrase that I'm struggling with at the moment.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing I like better than to steal an hour now and again to have a massage, take a walk in the park, or luxuriate in a bubble bath with a good book. But doing it every week seems a rather big ask.

I understand all the theories that say you must take care of yourself in order to take care of others. And I did have a minor panic attack when I read that stress releases Cortiol into your bloodstream which triggers fat storage - arghh!!

But the simple fact is, I have two small boys who need constant attention. Additionally - with a nod in K's direction here as we do share the work - I have to run a household and maintain our extended relationships, on top of which I have quite a demanding, and pressurised job which could eat up 24/7 of my time should I let it.

To those nay-sayers - yes, I get that I've chosen to have a career rather than a "job". And that this perhaps adds undue pressure into the mix. But as I have to have a job in order to do little things like pay the mortgage, then surely one that I'm using my brain for and enjoying - albeit also getting additional stress from - is preferable to clock watching?

I don't think there's a silver bullet here. I've spoken to other Mum's about this who are in similar jobs and facing similar challenges. It does seem that as the family gets older, life starts becoming a little easier and "me time" can start factoring into the week again. The most we can do at the moment is be ridiculously well organised to earn us back a few minutes here and there.

One Mum did say that she counts her "Time for Me" as her work time, as it makes her feel that she's fulfilling her potential. That made me ponder for a while, but the question that came back is whether she was really being honest, as if it were a toss up between a day at work and a day in a spa, I know where I'd be heading...

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