Friday, 3 August 2012

Olympic fever? What do you think?

I must confess to being a typical cynical Brit.

For the last 7 years a part of me has been looking forward to London hosting the Olympics. Whilst another, larger part of me, has been concerned about the cost, the effect it will have on travel, and whether we'd ever be able to match the spectacular event that Bejing put on.

In the run up to Day One I read the stories about G4S not being able to provide enough security. I watched the reports about how the opening ceremony would essentially be a farm mock-up. And I nodded sagely. Safe in the knowledge that I was right to have concerns.

However, at this point in the Games, I'm glad to eat my words. I thought the opening ceremony was spectacular. Utterly mad and typically British, but nevertheless spectacular. I've had a day off work to go to the Judo where I watched our British woman get a silver medal (having been a fan of Judo for precisely 5 minutes before walking into the stadium!). And I'm thoroughly enjoying watching as many events as I can when I finish work each day.

There's a definite Olympic spirit in Britain at the moment and I'm proud to be a part of it.

What do you think though? Will you be dusting off your hockey stick or settling down with a good book? What about those of you not in Britain? Has Olympic fever hit? 

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  1. 87.5% of you loved the Olympics and 12.5% thought it was better than you had anticipated