Saturday, 18 August 2012

No - you can be MY wing-man

On Monday, the company I work for will cease to exist as it becomes part of what will be a much larger company. There will no doubt be numerous changes to enable the new look business to deliver value to its shareholders. How this will affect the fragile work/life balance I have constructed for myself over the past few months remains to be seen. But, for now, I'm still in the final throws of my holiday...

I spent last week in the Lake District with my extended family. All the ingredients for a relaxing few days were in place - and then we added four boys between the ages of 1 & 5.

Over 100 renditions of Baa Baa Black Sheep were sung, Old McDonald was rolled out so many times we had dinosaurs and ant-eaters on the farm, and "I spy with my little eye" was molded to suit our slightly younger audience: "I spy with my little big eye something beginning with green and starting with 'e'" - "A tree". Sure. Why not.

One of my favourite moments was in the grounds of an owl sanctuary when we (the older generation!) were reminded of some scenes from Top Gear. Tom Cruise was played by T - the 5 year old and self-appointed leader of the little group. On this occasion he was looking for his "Goose" - aka - his wing-man.

He disregarded O - the 2.5 year old - by virtue of him being his brother. E was similarly cast aside for being too young. Which left C, who at 3.5 years relished the opportunity to prove himself in the role. And to be fair, they gave it a pretty good go. They picked their targets, two pretty little girls, around 5 & 7 years old. They then did a lot of running and jumping in front of them and hooked their attention. Toy owls were brought into the mix and used as fighter jets and it seemed as though they were seconds from sealing the deal. However, the tables then turned.

T & C decided to add "twit-twoo" sounds to the owls which the girls were less impressed with, and then E pulled a blinder. He launched his owl at the girls, forcing them to pick it up and engage with him when they gave it back. He wasted no time in waving and flashing a cheeky grin, and T & C were undone. E had the two girls holding his hands until we reached the gates and went our separate ways.

On this occasion, Maverick & Goose had been outmaneuvered by Iceman.

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