Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A woman scorned

My apologies in advance but I feel a rant coming on. A short rant I hope. But a rant nevertheless.

We heard back from the DLA yesterday saying that they stand by their decision that E isn't entitled to anything from them. Oh. Okay. Well - I guess if they took into account all of the up-to-date medical and developmental records and he doesn't reach their criteria then we'll live with it.

Hang on.What exactly did they take into account?

Oh - they reviewed the medical records they already had - from 9 months ago. And that was it. So didn't look at any new information from his medical carers or therapists then? Didn't take into account his sleeping issues? Didn't review the fact that he needs special chairs (that cost "special" money!). How about the fact that he has to have a special needs child-carer in order to give him a fighting chance at at developing "normally". Nope? Right. I see.

So now I'm cross. I really wouldn't have minded if this was a judgement based on up-to-date information. I'm not trying to "work" the system. I'm just trying to get a bit of help.

DLA - you have a fight on your hands. There'll be an appeal heading your way shortly. And don't think I won't have dotted the i's and crossed the t's with my legal advisors...

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