Monday, 11 June 2012

Panto torture

The week before last, in addition to my usual working week I spent 48 hours straight in the office (with the exception of a couple of hours at the hotel next door to freshen up). 

This weekend I spent 2 hours in a theatre that seats 1500 and was full to the rafters with 2-5 years olds. They were screaming and yelling at "Fireman Sam and friends" whilst the aforementioned pranced around on the stage engaging in some well known pantomime antics.

I'm not sure which was worse.

I know. That's an unfair statement. The fact that C thought the Fireman Sam production was the best thing since sliced bread means that of course I'll be doing it all over again when Christmas rolls round. I may just have to fortify myself with a few rounds of vino before going in, particularly if we have to to take to the aisles dancing again...

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