Thursday, 14 June 2012

Not so much as an ADSL line...

Still a few more days before BT gets us up and running with broadband, but am trying out the blogging ap on my phone (so technically literate don't you know - ahem!).

As day's go, moving day was not the most tranquil I've ever had.

Having my solicitor on the phone to me mid-afternoon explaining that we hadn't completed because Nat West's systems had gone down and there was a distinct possibility that we'd end up being homeless & in breach of contract certainly got the blood pumping.

As luck would have it our money was transferred with minutes to spare and by 8.30pm I was standing in my new kitchen, surrounded by 100's of boxes, looking out into our new garden and breathing in the calm & quiet.

And then of course C came charging in, in his usual "bull in a china shop" way, babbling at the top of his voice - and the spell was broken.

But that's ok. We moved so the boys would have the space to behave like whirling dervishes. And with the park outside our back gate hopefully it'll be easier to wear them out!

So there's still loads to do - not least is obtaining some curtains for the landing so the neighbours can stop being treated to the sight of me on my rather fetching PJ's.

But for now we're in, I've found the wine and the chocolate, and if I can work put how to use the hot water properly i'll be onto a winner!

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