Thursday, 7 June 2012

Buttercups and kangeroos

Last week the company I work for received a bid on it (to be merged with another company). As you can imagine, it kept me fairly busy to say the least!

Work/life balance was, understandably, impossible for a few days. But as I've mentioned in previous posts  I was provided with some perspective from the children.

I thought I'd share some insight into C's world via some snippets of recent conversations we've had. His view of life certainly brought a smile to my face over a tiring period...

C: "Mary Poppins has left her red ball here. I hope she doesn't want to play with it when she gets home. Perhaps she can play with her play doh instead tonight".

Me: "Look at those yellow flowers. Do you know what they are?"
C: "Yes. Buttercups. And when they grow up they turn into butterflies"

C: "I've never seen a kangaroo Mummy. Perhaps we could pop to Australia today so I can see one?"

C: Mummy. How old is F (his new friend)?
Me: He's almost 5.
C: Wow. [Pause to make big eyes]. He must be able to blow his own nose! (The pinnacle of achievements apparently)

And finally:
C came to tell me he'd fallen over in the garden. I told him he should be more careful. His response was: "I know Mummy. It's the story of my life!".

How nice would it be to live in his world. Just for a little while...

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