Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The final countdown

There's an old British comedy called "Some mothers do ave em" and this week I've been reminded of a certain episode on many occasions! It's the one where Frank and Betty (the main characters) move house and as the removal van turns the corner into their road their house falls down. Their bad luck continues and by the end of the day Frank has managed to alienate all their new neighbours and break numerous things in their new place.

I'm very much hoping this is the exact opposite to how our moving day will go tomorrow!

It's all come around extremely quickly - but once we'd made the decision, we thought it best not to hang around.

E obviously has no idea what's about to befall him. C is much more clued in. He's already put dibbs on the biggest bedroom and is making overtures on the vegetable patch at the bottom of the garden and the hoola-hoop tree (we're yet to disillusion him of the fact that it really was just a hoola-hoop stuck in a tree and not a tree that flowers hoola-hoops!).

The packers are currently sweeping through the house putting everything in their path in boxes and I'm looking forward to round two with Jim Davidson tomorrow.

So I'll be logging off from work shortly and will then be without broadband until BT can switch it on at the new place.

See you on the other side!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Not so much as an ADSL line...

Still a few more days before BT gets us up and running with broadband, but am trying out the blogging ap on my phone (so technically literate don't you know - ahem!).

As day's go, moving day was not the most tranquil I've ever had.

Having my solicitor on the phone to me mid-afternoon explaining that we hadn't completed because Nat West's systems had gone down and there was a distinct possibility that we'd end up being homeless & in breach of contract certainly got the blood pumping.

As luck would have it our money was transferred with minutes to spare and by 8.30pm I was standing in my new kitchen, surrounded by 100's of boxes, looking out into our new garden and breathing in the calm & quiet.

And then of course C came charging in, in his usual "bull in a china shop" way, babbling at the top of his voice - and the spell was broken.

But that's ok. We moved so the boys would have the space to behave like whirling dervishes. And with the park outside our back gate hopefully it'll be easier to wear them out!

So there's still loads to do - not least is obtaining some curtains for the landing so the neighbours can stop being treated to the sight of me on my rather fetching PJ's.

But for now we're in, I've found the wine and the chocolate, and if I can work put how to use the hot water properly i'll be onto a winner!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A woman scorned

My apologies in advance but I feel a rant coming on. A short rant I hope. But a rant nevertheless.

We heard back from the DLA yesterday saying that they stand by their decision that E isn't entitled to anything from them. Oh. Okay. Well - I guess if they took into account all of the up-to-date medical and developmental records and he doesn't reach their criteria then we'll live with it.

Hang on.What exactly did they take into account?

Oh - they reviewed the medical records they already had - from 9 months ago. And that was it. So didn't look at any new information from his medical carers or therapists then? Didn't take into account his sleeping issues? Didn't review the fact that he needs special chairs (that cost "special" money!). How about the fact that he has to have a special needs child-carer in order to give him a fighting chance at at developing "normally". Nope? Right. I see.

So now I'm cross. I really wouldn't have minded if this was a judgement based on up-to-date information. I'm not trying to "work" the system. I'm just trying to get a bit of help.

DLA - you have a fight on your hands. There'll be an appeal heading your way shortly. And don't think I won't have dotted the i's and crossed the t's with my legal advisors...

Monday, 11 June 2012

Panto torture

The week before last, in addition to my usual working week I spent 48 hours straight in the office (with the exception of a couple of hours at the hotel next door to freshen up). 

This weekend I spent 2 hours in a theatre that seats 1500 and was full to the rafters with 2-5 years olds. They were screaming and yelling at "Fireman Sam and friends" whilst the aforementioned pranced around on the stage engaging in some well known pantomime antics.

I'm not sure which was worse.

I know. That's an unfair statement. The fact that C thought the Fireman Sam production was the best thing since sliced bread means that of course I'll be doing it all over again when Christmas rolls round. I may just have to fortify myself with a few rounds of vino before going in, particularly if we have to to take to the aisles dancing again...

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Buttercups and kangeroos

Last week the company I work for received a bid on it (to be merged with another company). As you can imagine, it kept me fairly busy to say the least!

Work/life balance was, understandably, impossible for a few days. But as I've mentioned in previous posts  I was provided with some perspective from the children.

I thought I'd share some insight into C's world via some snippets of recent conversations we've had. His view of life certainly brought a smile to my face over a tiring period...

C: "Mary Poppins has left her red ball here. I hope she doesn't want to play with it when she gets home. Perhaps she can play with her play doh instead tonight".

Me: "Look at those yellow flowers. Do you know what they are?"
C: "Yes. Buttercups. And when they grow up they turn into butterflies"

C: "I've never seen a kangaroo Mummy. Perhaps we could pop to Australia today so I can see one?"

C: Mummy. How old is F (his new friend)?
Me: He's almost 5.
C: Wow. [Pause to make big eyes]. He must be able to blow his own nose! (The pinnacle of achievements apparently)

And finally:
C came to tell me he'd fallen over in the garden. I told him he should be more careful. His response was: "I know Mummy. It's the story of my life!".

How nice would it be to live in his world. Just for a little while...