Monday, 21 May 2012

This Jack's clearly a dull boy

I was reminded this morning of the English proverb that states:
"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". 
I was reminded of it as according to C's school that must be what I am!

They sent numerous letters home last week stating that the following days are coming up (paraphrased):

- Victorian day - please get your little one a victorian outfit to come to school in - can be purchased at the attached URL for around £15. How much??!!- for one morning at school?. Alternatively please view this website and make a similar outfit for you child Erm. I work full-time and really don't have the time (or the skills!) to do that. £15 it is then.
- Jubiliee picnic - please send your little one in something red, white and blue, with a picnic blanket and join us at 2.45pm for a picnic. Lovely. When? Thursday. Oh. I have to work
- Mufti day - please send your little one in non-school uniform with a £ for charity. Okay - they can have that one.
- Parents afternoon - instead of parents evening we have parents afternoon. Please book in a time to talk to C's teachers between 2pm & 4pm one weekday. Oh. Again. I work.
- Summer term production - this will be afternoon in June. We hope you can make it. Again. Not to sound repetitious or ungrateful - but I WORK!!

Question - is it like this with all schools or have we just managed to pick one that caters mainly for stay-at-home parents?

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