Friday, 4 May 2012

A pineapple on my head

First of all - a huge thank you to everyone who's been so supportive of us trying to E the help he needs. We'll keep you posted on how the appeal goes.

As we were getting ready this morning, C commented: "Mummy - I really do need to go to school today to do my important work as I just don't have time to do it at home because I'm so busy". (Ensuring that the play doh is firmly stuck to Mummy's work trousers and "posting" money into the radiators takes a lot of time and planning you know).

This got me thinking about multi-tasking and how whilst it's possible (and indeed necessary) at work, it's not the easiest thing to accomplish at home.

At work, it's very usual for me to be on a conference call whilst finishing up an article. Or to have a number of different ideas on the go at the same time. Having said that, I did overhear a colleague on the phone in the office the other day saying: "Oh, I'm sorry, can you ask me that question again please? I was multi-tasking so wasn't listening". Erm. Not quite sure you've got the hang of multi-tasking there mate!

At home though, multi-tasking doesn't seem to work so well. Having a number of things on the go at the same time just means the house looks like a bomb site and if you add the children into the mix nothing ever actually gets finished!

I also don't really like "multi-tasking" my children. I did do it the other day, but I ended up feeling as though I'd missed out. Basically, C talks so much that every now and again I tune out and do something else. He was chatting away about how much he'd grown overnight and how he was so tall now he could almost touch the sky. It's a conversation we've had many time before so I turned my hand to something else whilst making the appropriate noises. When I started listening again it was to hear the words: "..and then I just put the pineapple on my head and went away!". I have a feeling that was a story I would have like to have heard!

So perhaps I just need to accept that whilst I may be able to juggle numerous things at work, at home, it just may not be possible. Easier said than done though!

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