Sunday, 1 April 2012

There's a fox in the garden

In our infinite wisdom K and I have decided that we don't have enough on our plate and we should add to our workload by buying a new house.

The buying side has so far been fairly straight-forward. We looked at hundreds of houses on the internet,  whittled it down to 4 we liked, took a few hours on a Saturday and went to see them. All good.

Now comes the bit where we try and sell our house. Of course last time we sold a property we didn't have children and we worked full time from the office. It was a fairly simple job of tidying up, going to work, house stayed tidy, people viewed. Job done.

This time round however, it's a different matter. To be fair to the agent, they've done a great job of lining up viewings. Putting times in has been quite difficult though. Nothing in the evening as as the boys will be in bed. Nothing on the days I'm working from home as I have constant calls so they won't be able to view the lounge/study. So afternoon's and Saturday's it is.

Of course, C has added to the drama in his own special way. He takes great pleasure in going round just before a viewing and saying things like "Look Mummy - that's where we found the dead fly". He always needs the loo during every viewing and on two very memorable occasions he decided to run around in the garden playing "Foxy Loxy" and shouting out: "there's a fox in my garden" at the top of his voice. Always a good way to sell the property.

Against the odds though we've had a few offers so we're keeping everything crossed that perhaps we can get through this fairly quickly and relatively unscathed!

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