Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Practically perfect in every way

Now Mary Poppins is fantastic and I wouldn't trade her in for anything. She's developing E wonderfully and I'm convinced it's down to her that he's as advanced as he is already. She's also the reason that I'm able to go to work and have some sort of life.

However, she does have her drawbacks.

This morning I said to C: "It's E's first birthday on Friday, let's bake him a birthday cake today".
C responded: "Is Mary Poppins coming to E's party on Friday".
Me: "Yes, of course".
C: "Perhaps you should let her bake his cake then Mummy".

We then had a long conversation then that basically ended in a compromise. Me having to admit that Mary's baking was better than mine, but firmly stating that it didn't matter and I was going to be the one to bake E's first birthday cake. C grudgingly agreed to help. Still muttering about how Mary does it better.

I've had a few of these episodes now, either quoting Mary, teachers or worse still - myself back at me!

The other day the four of us went to a cafe for cake and a drink. Myself, K and C all had carrot cake. I was feeding E, so K and C polished theirs off. C then leaned over to mine and took a big chunk. I immediately jumped in saying that if he wanted more carrot cake he should have asked, etc, etc. He looked up at me with his big blues and said, "Mummy - you must learn to share".

Erm. Yes. Quite right.

The fact that his school report says "C has advanced language skills and is able to attempt negotiation on anything he doesn't want to do" makes me think it's only going to get worse from here!

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