Friday, 6 April 2012

No ambition please - you're a mother now

I was reading a book the other day - written by another working Mum - and she was posing the question: "how much ambition should a working mother have?"

Her conclusion seemed to be that we're allowed to have "some", but too much and people will label us as terrible mothers. (This is something that every mother dreads - it's akin to being compared with the devil).

Her comments riled me a bit though. I'm not saying I'm on on a one woman mission to break that old glass ceiling - lord knows if I were to try and add a couple of nights a week "networking" to my schedule, I may well keel over. Not to mention that I would actually miss seeing my children. However, I'm not at the stage where I'm willing to write off my career just so people won't judge me.

I still believe that I can do a good job and climb the career ladder whilst being a good Mum. And if people want to comment on my parenting skills, they better d*mn well have stayed in my home for a while so they can at least have an informed opinion.

Having said that, apparently in class recently C put his hand up to answer the question "where do aliens come from" and his answer was "Canada". Perhaps a little more time invested in his education wouldn't go amiss!:-)

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