Thursday, 19 April 2012

Just say no

"Just say no". If only it were that easy.

I'm feeling rather serious today. I have concerns that I'm not managing my work/life balance very well. Strike that. I know I'm not managing my work/life balance very well. My worry is that I'm not not managing my work/children balance very well.

With C it's about whether I'm giving him the best opportunities at school. I was recently invited to a "Mum's night out" but declined as I honestly couldn't fit it in. I did think about juggling other arrangements so I could go along as I'm aware that the Mum's network in schools can be very strong and political. However, something had to give that week - and it was the get together. However, C came home from school today rather despondent which set me to wondering if I did the right thing or if I should be getting more involved to help him build friendships.

With E it's even worse as it's his medical and developmental care, not just his well-being, that I'm balancing. His appointments are still coming in thick and fast - a heart scan on the same day my company has its Annual General Meeting and first quarter financial results, physiotherapy appointment on the day my new boss wants to discuss plans for the rest of the year, etc. It's so difficult to know when to say no - and to whom.

Ultimately I'm a firm believer that things will work themselves out. And logically I know that both my children are fine at the moment. It's just tough to be asked to make these decisions in the first place.

On a lighter note, C and I had a serious conversation recently about why he shouldn't touch radiators. At the end I asked if he understood and he said yes. He then followed up with: "Mummy - I know I mustn't touch radiators but is it still okay to put pennies down them?". So at least I know where my spare change is now!

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