Friday, 20 April 2012

Closer encounters

It appears I worried a few people yesterday with such a serious post! As an antidote to that, as promised in a previous post, I thought I'd share the story of how I met one of my first ever bosses when I went to work for a "well-known high street bank".

I'd just come back from university for the Summer holidays and was all poshed up in my Mum's suit as I couldn't afford one of my own. Thank goodness we were roughly the same size back then! I made the trip up to London without much consternation, found the offices and was shown to my desk. It was an open plan office which was very forward thinking at that time. However, for the purpose of this story it just meant there were many, many witnesses.

The desks were arranged in pods of 6 and my boss came in, sat down on one of the chairs and introduced himself. It was a hot day so being keen and eager I volunteered to get some water for people. There were 4 takers. Off I trotted to the water cooler and embarked on filling up the plastic cups. Now, carrying 4 of these that are full to the brim isn't the easiest job, but I rose to the task and headed back to the desks.

About 5 yards from my destination disaster struck. My shoe got caught in the carpet and, as if in slow motion, I fell forward. The drinks all flew out of my hands and closing my eyes I face-planted.

When I prised my eyes open I expected to see my colleagues drenched in water. And indeed, I did. But that was after I removed my face from my bosses crotch - where it had landed when I tripped over.

So, within an hour of starting my new job I'd drenched my closest colleagues, got myself acquainted with my bosses nether-regions and become the laughing stock of the office. Pretty good going!

Luckily, it was all taken in good humour and apart from the obvious gags that followed (for a fair old while!) I survived to tell the tale...

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