Monday, 26 March 2012

Wiggly worms

So I've come across a slight issue with the whole working from home thing. It's minor - but it is an issue.

Today I was on the phone with my CEO. He was in Bangalore and had limited time. The idea was to rush through the agenda points so he could get off to his next meeting.

However, in addition to having the conversation with my CEO, I also had C talking to me from behind the closed door. So my conversation went something like this:

CEO: Can you give me an update on PR activity for this week please?
Me: Certainly - blah, blah (not really blah blah but I'm sure you don't want to hear the details!).
C: Mummy can you see my fingers? They're poking underneath the door. Look!
CEO: Great. And what about the situation in xx?
C: Mummy - can you see? They're like wiggly worms!!
Me: (Hushed voice) Yes C. I can see. (Loud voice) Yes - this is the situation, etc, etc.

You can imagine the rest.

So certainly not a deal breaker for working from home. But perhaps a note to self to check that C is out in the garden before any important calls take place!

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