Friday, 16 March 2012

It's acting Jim, but not as we know it

Today I learnt that C is unlikely to ever be a serious actor, although I shouldn't discount comedian or stripper as possible career routes.

His school play went remarkably well - in that they got to the end of it within 20 minutes (good for me as I was only away from work for an hour!). For a play that included 50 children aged 3-5 it was a great success. C decided that the best use of his time when on stage was to pull his T-shirt up and down to show off his podgy tummy, spin round in circles now and again when the narrators got a bit quiet, and then jump up and sit down during the songs. Mind you. Better than the little boy next to him who waited until the boy playing Foxy Loxy passed him, made a gun with his fingers and proceeded to "shoot" him.

Only one little boy burst into tears when he saw his Mum, and the little girl who started pulling her trousers down was stopped seconds before they hit the floor.

All in all - not bad!

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