Monday, 12 March 2012

Hands that do dishes?

K and I spent this weekend in a spa hotel. The children were looked after by their Nanny and Grandad and enjoyed every chocolate spoilt moment.

Did we feel guilty about leaving them? Of course.

But was it worth it? Oh yes! It was worth it to recharge our batteries, remember who we are when we're not Mummy & Daddy or at work, and to have time to miss the children.

I had a few spa treatments when I was there (if you're going to recharge the batteries - best do it in style!). My hands and feet were moisturised within an inch of their life and it was drummed into me that I should always wear rubber gloves when washing up (something which I'll no doubt forget within the next day or two).

Before my facial I was asked what my beauty routine was. When I replied that I usually managed a 2 minute shower and threw moisturiser on as I ran to my room to get dressed, the poor beautician bulked somewhat. She tried a different tac. How often did I cleanse and tone? Exfoliate? Use a mask?

Now I did cleanse and tone a few times before the children came along but not anymore. And the nearest I get to exfoliating is when we're packed in like sardines on the underground and my face is being grated against the man in front's jacket. Funny enough she cut me off before I could tell her about the various animal masks that C and I wear around the house to make E laugh...

I have to say though, she knuckled under beautifully and my face has never been as clean. Of course I now need to smother it in make-up before heading off to work. But that's life!

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