Monday, 26 March 2012

Wiggly worms

So I've come across a slight issue with the whole working from home thing. It's minor - but it is an issue.

Today I was on the phone with my CEO. He was in Bangalore and had limited time. The idea was to rush through the agenda points so he could get off to his next meeting.

However, in addition to having the conversation with my CEO, I also had C talking to me from behind the closed door. So my conversation went something like this:

CEO: Can you give me an update on PR activity for this week please?
Me: Certainly - blah, blah (not really blah blah but I'm sure you don't want to hear the details!).
C: Mummy can you see my fingers? They're poking underneath the door. Look!
CEO: Great. And what about the situation in xx?
C: Mummy - can you see? They're like wiggly worms!!
Me: (Hushed voice) Yes C. I can see. (Loud voice) Yes - this is the situation, etc, etc.

You can imagine the rest.

So certainly not a deal breaker for working from home. But perhaps a note to self to check that C is out in the garden before any important calls take place!

Friday, 23 March 2012


Last night I sent an email to a colleague at 10pm. This morning she replied at 6am.

BC (before children) I wouldn't have dreamed of still working at that time of night (unless it was over a few bottles of wine!). I'd also have immediately pegged my colleague as a workaholic and struggled to imagine how I'd ever reach her dizzy heights of committment. Now I know better. She's just like me. A working Mum.

Nowadays we have the technology that in theory allows us to have a decent work/life balance. I don't need to spend 9-6 physically the office anymore. I can work from anywhere as long as I deliver results. So if I choose to work from home when I can, and stop work between 5.30pm & 8pm to spend time with my children, that's okay. Of course I do have to finish up when they're in bed - but it's not like I was planning on being out on the razzle, dazzle every night anyway.

So yes, I do send emails at ridiculous times of day and night, but it's not because I'm a workaholic or that I'm trying to prove I work harder than my colleagues. It's because I'm a working Mum who's just trying to fit everything in.

Friday, 16 March 2012

It's acting Jim, but not as we know it

Today I learnt that C is unlikely to ever be a serious actor, although I shouldn't discount comedian or stripper as possible career routes.

His school play went remarkably well - in that they got to the end of it within 20 minutes (good for me as I was only away from work for an hour!). For a play that included 50 children aged 3-5 it was a great success. C decided that the best use of his time when on stage was to pull his T-shirt up and down to show off his podgy tummy, spin round in circles now and again when the narrators got a bit quiet, and then jump up and sit down during the songs. Mind you. Better than the little boy next to him who waited until the boy playing Foxy Loxy passed him, made a gun with his fingers and proceeded to "shoot" him.

Only one little boy burst into tears when he saw his Mum, and the little girl who started pulling her trousers down was stopped seconds before they hit the floor.

All in all - not bad!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Hands that do dishes?

K and I spent this weekend in a spa hotel. The children were looked after by their Nanny and Grandad and enjoyed every chocolate spoilt moment.

Did we feel guilty about leaving them? Of course.

But was it worth it? Oh yes! It was worth it to recharge our batteries, remember who we are when we're not Mummy & Daddy or at work, and to have time to miss the children.

I had a few spa treatments when I was there (if you're going to recharge the batteries - best do it in style!). My hands and feet were moisturised within an inch of their life and it was drummed into me that I should always wear rubber gloves when washing up (something which I'll no doubt forget within the next day or two).

Before my facial I was asked what my beauty routine was. When I replied that I usually managed a 2 minute shower and threw moisturiser on as I ran to my room to get dressed, the poor beautician bulked somewhat. She tried a different tac. How often did I cleanse and tone? Exfoliate? Use a mask?

Now I did cleanse and tone a few times before the children came along but not anymore. And the nearest I get to exfoliating is when we're packed in like sardines on the underground and my face is being grated against the man in front's jacket. Funny enough she cut me off before I could tell her about the various animal masks that C and I wear around the house to make E laugh...

I have to say though, she knuckled under beautifully and my face has never been as clean. Of course I now need to smother it in make-up before heading off to work. But that's life!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

It's snot funny

Today I was late for work.

It wasn't because I slept through my alarm - E had us up nice and early as usual.

And I didn't end up wearing the baby's breakfast. (E did spit Weetabix over me but I was prepared and wearing my dressing gown over my work clothes).

What did happen was that as I was giving C a cuddle he sneezed all over my hair. It really wasn't something that I could "get away" with so I had to go through the rigmarole of washing, drying and straightening my hair before legging it to the station to catch a later train.

Not entirely sure what I can do to prepare against something like that. Shower cap until I leave the house perhaps? Although I do have to worry a little bit about what Mary Poppins might think of my sanity when she turns up in the morning and I'm wondering around the house in my dressing gown and shower cap...

Friday, 2 March 2012

Lead tree

I never thought I would be so proud to hear the words: "Mummy, I've been picked to be the lead tree in our play".

C's school is putting on a production of Chickin Lickin that involves the nursery and reception children. He brought the invitation home yesterday and proudly presented it to me. When I asked him if he was pleased to be a tree he said no. He'd hoped to be chicken lickin but one of the bigger boys was picked. He then got excited and said that he was pleased though to be picked as Lead tree. Apparently the "lead" makes a big difference.

When asked what a lead tree does he replied: "I lead all the trees onto the stage". Then I asked if he was a good tree. He thought seriously about it for a while and then replied, "I'm not very good at the moment. I need more practice".

Not entirely sure how much practice is involved in being a tree, but perhaps I'm just missing the dramatic flair!

What I'm not loving is the two days notice I've had to produce his costume. Luckily it seems to just consist of a brown T-shirt and black trousers so I'm pretty sure Mothercare can assist on the weekend.

Of course - the other issue is the fact that C's play is on at 2pm on a weekday so I'll need to negotiate with work for the time off. I'm sure we'll manage to come to an agreement though. After all - I wouldn't want to miss the the start of a budding career...