Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A special kind of torture

Last night I found myself once again quietly negotiating with E about his sleep habits. Actually negotiating isn't the right word - more like begging.

For the last 4 weeks he's woken up between 7 & 13 times a night, finally getting up at 5.15am. K (husband) has been getting up with him in the morning when he can to try and give me an extra hour in bed - but it's not enough to function properly. (NB: thank God for make up - such a wonderful invention!!).

When I was on maternity leave the situation wasn't ideal but it was manageable. Now I'm working again - it's definitely not manageable

If a colleague asks me a question at 7am they'll likely get a considered answer and some additional suggestions. By midday they'll get a decent answer but by 5pm all bets are off.

A friend of mine happened to mention that due to the snow she'd turned her heating up and as a result her baby had slept much better. So I decided to put an extra babygro on my little man. And I think it may have changed my life. He still got up at 5.15am - but had only a couple of very short wake ups in the night. It could be a fluke - but it could be he's been cold.

On realising this I immediately started berating myself for being a bad mother. But then I stopped. I'd done everything by the book - put him the right clothes, kept his room at the right temperature and made sure his sleeping pod was the right tog level. It's just that E hadn't read the same book.

So rather than wallow in gulit I've decided to chalk this one up to experience - and rely more on instinct than books in the future.


  1. Hi -- I'm a mom to a child with WS, too! (I found your blog through your husband's blog.) I hope the extra blankets continue help your little guy (and you!) sleep better! I've also heard that iron levels and calcium levels can affect sleep patterns negatively -- have you had his levels checked recently? (Check out this post on an other WS mom's blog: http://www.babyjandbean.com/2011/10/could-it-be-so-simple.html)


  2. Thanks. Interesting comment as E's levels were checked about 7 months ago and were okay, but it's something I raised at his last appointment and they've booked another test in for April (when he turns 1).