Friday, 10 February 2012

Snow & wisdom

"Wisdom comes from Experience. Experience comes from the lack of wisdom". Terry Pratchet.

I was reminded of this quote this morning when a chat with C made me feel like a bit of a guru.

He was, as always, delighted that it had snowed overnight and pretty much as soon as he opened his eyes he said: "Mummy, the other night I was thinking. One thing is - is snow wet?".
 Me: "Yes".
C: "And I was thinking, is snow cold?"
Me: "Yes. And did you know that the temperature outside has to be cold for it to snow. If it was warm it wouldn't snow".
C: "Hmm. No Mummy. I didn't know that. You're very clever"
Me (a little smugly): "Well, yes..Thank you.".

Ah - the things we learn with age...

On a separate note, I think I almost lost E to the other children and Mum's in the school playground this morning. Due to the snow he was dressed up in a bear costume (looked like a little Ewok) and apparently his fans couldn't get enough of it. He of course loved the attention and held court like a pro.

Oh - and to the one and only Prada Mum who still felt that high heeled shoes and three quarter length trousers were a good way to go this morning - I'd have a rethink!

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