Friday, 3 February 2012

Playground update

[Disclaimer on typos or anything that makes no sense - I've been doing budgets all day and my head is due to explode shortly!].

So - it was another trip to the playground this morning.

This time I was prepared. I showered and washed, dried & straightened my hair. I laid out my Desigual coat, my Orla Kiely bag and my heeled boots. And then I had a rethink.

I wasn't convinced that I wanted to be tottering along on heels when I may need to run after a very energetic 3 year old. And I didn't want to be wearing a ridiculously expensive coat when my 9 month decided to bring his breakfast back up.

So I ended up being clean but wearing jeans and my warm jacket again. I had cunning plan though. I was going to befriend the Prada Mum's so that they'd see past my lack of designer labels...

When we got to the playground C immediately started playing with a boy in his class so I approached his dad and introduced myself. He took one look at E in the pram and very bluntly told me he thought I was mad for having two children and hoped I had money to burn as didn't I realise I'd be spending around £50,000 on their education alone. I muttered something about not planning to buy them diamond encrusted school bags and backed off.

I was tempted to leave it there when a little boy called out C's name and his mum commented that she'd love to meet C as she'd heard a lot about him. I turned round and came face-to-face with a lady wearing jeans & a big coat (what excellent taste)! We started chatting and oddly enough a couple of the Prada mum's came over and joined in.

So this evening I very smugly told C that Mummy had made friends this morning. He asked who with and I said "J's Mummy, H's Mummy & D's Mummy". C then asked what their "real" names were and I realised I didn't know.

Ah well. One step at a time.

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