Thursday, 2 February 2012


Today I had one of those "it could only happen to me" moments.

As background, my youngest son has Williams Syndrome and a few months ago I was approached to become a Trustee of the Williams Syndrome Foundation - which I agreed to. Today I was officially voted in and sat in on my first Board meeting and Medical Panel meeting.

The Board meeting went well - the Foundation doesn't have much money but what it does have it uses wisely.  We then had a short break before the medical team arrived so I checked my emails and voicemails, made a quick call and decided to have a loo break before heading back into the room.

I found the unisex toilets and whilst none of the doors were open they all looked vacant. (You can start cringing now because you've probably guessed what happened). I flung open the door of the middle trap to find myself looking at one of the key members of the medical panel (I won't say which one as I should spare our blushes!). I stuttered a few words of apology, decided not to introduce myself at that point and legged it into a different toilet.

The person in question disappeared out of the loos at a fairly impressive rate and I stayed to collect my thoughts for a minute or two. I then calmly walked into the meeting room, tipped them a wink & a smile and  carried on as if nothing had happened.

So not the most impressive start I could have hoped for, but I've had worse. One day I might find it therapeutic to write about my university holiday job and the first time I met my boss there. But perhaps not today.

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