Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mobile dry-cleaning?

So I have a question. When do I get time to do the mundane things such as dry-cleaning?

The other night I was due out for drinks after work. They were local so I rushed home in time to do bath with the boys before heading out. I should have known better but I didn't cover up my suit and the next thing I knew E had weed all over it.

No problem. It was discarded and a handy pair of black trousers were pulled on to go with my blouse. Just before I left I perched E on my lap to have a cuddle and he threw up all over my trousers (I know - will I ever learn to wear that dressing gown until the bitter end?!). Again - a quick change and I was out of the door.

So now I need to find time to get my clothes to and from the dry-cleaner before I run out of suitable attire and end up going to work in my PJ's.

There must be such a thing as a dry-cleaning delivery service. I think I'll look into it...


  1. I bet there is! If not then maybe there's a gap in the market...?

  2. Thumbs up for @CrispCleaners! My dry-cleaning will now be picked up, cleaned and delivered back. My PJ's can go back in the drawer rather than be paired with a blouse and heels!