Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Do not throw up on your CEO...

Today I achieved two things of note:

1) I managed the global press communications around my company's financial results
2) I managed not to be sick on my CEO and all over his car (but only just).

Today we told our investors and the press how the business did over the last year. This always culminates in me working a 15 hour day the day before and then going straight into a 6am start. It's never really been a problem before as it's planned and I used to make sure I had early nights the week before and caught up on sleep afterwards. However, this time round it was a bit different and that was reflected in my health!

I've always suffered from car sickness but it does tend to get worse the more tired I am. Having been up for a few hours every night for the past couple of months with E and spent my "downtime" running around after C, with hindsight I didn't really stand a chance.

The day started well and progressed at speed as we ran through calls, presentations, tv slots, etc. We then had 25 minutes to do a 30 minute journey across town. That's where the fun began. Our driver was trying to make up the time and started dodging and weaving through the traffic. Start, stop. Start, stop, Start... urgh. My CEO began shifting about nervously in his seat. I began breathing heavily to hold the sickness back. The driver wound the windows down.

The question on our lips was - would we pull up at our destination in time or would the CEO end up wearing my lunch?

Lady luck was smiling down on me as we pulled over just in time. The driver literally leapt out of his seat and opened the door for me so I could tumble out (full of grace as always!) and take a big gulp of air.

My CEO's suit survived this time but I wonder how keen he'll be to get back in a car with me?

E needs to start sleeping through the night - and quickly!!

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