Thursday, 9 February 2012

Disease & pestilence

Over the past few weeks I've been idly wondering what would happen if one of my children got sick. I.e. - how bad would they have to be for me to take time off work as opposed to asking Mary Poppins to give them a spoonful of sugar.

Well - today I found out.

We still keep a monitor in C's room as he sleeps with his door shut & I just like to keep an ear out. I think that monitor may have saved his life today. About 6.15am E and I were downstairs and I heard C coughing quite badly. I waited for him to call out but there was silence. And then there was very heavy, very laboured breathing. So I raced upstairs to find him in the middle of an asthma attack.

After about 30 minutes I managed to get him calmed down enough to breath a little more easily, took his temperature (38.5 degrees C) and made the decision to take as much time off work as necessary and get him to the doctors asap.

Then came the moment that all mother's dread. The curse of the doctor's surgery. Before getting to the doctors my children can have a temperature of 40 degrees C, they can have cried for hours and hours and be completely unable to form words. As soon as we step into the surgery something akin to magic happens. Their temperature drops to normal, the tears dry up and they appear to not have a care in the world - leaving me feeling like a complete doughnut. And this is pretty much what happened today.

We got into the doctor's room and whilst I was stuttering my way through the fact that my child had nearly died this morning, C was asking to borrow the doctor's "telescope" (read stethoscope), telling her that he didn't want any banana medicine but Calpol would be fine, and asking if she'd like him to sing Twinkle Twinkle to her.

To be fair to the doctor, she did apparently see through C's banter and we came away armed with prescriptions for various inhalers.

C continued to improve throughout the day and I decided to work in the afternoon - albeit from home.

So I guess I now know what I'd take the time off work for. Let's just hope it doesn't happen again any time soon!

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