Monday, 27 February 2012

Crocodile, crocodile

For the past two months, every day that C has gone to school I've worried that he might not make friends, or worse still - he might be bullied. Am I a bad mother for leaving him there and swanning off to the office?

Today my mind was put at rest - for about a minute.

C came home full of the joys of playing with his "best friend" in the playground. He told me over and over again how he, S (girl), D (boy) and B (girl) had played "crocodile, crocodile" (which sounds the same as a game of British Bulldog). After a while though, he was talking more and more about S.

"D is my friend. But S really is my friend so D has to be friends with the others as well". Oh right.
"And S is teaching me to skip". Lovely!
"And I waved at S in assembly this morning". How nice.
"And me and S go in turns to be crocodile". Ah, sweet.
"But S isn't in my class". Oh?
"She's not even in nursery at all". Erm - okay...
"She's in the big girl school". What?!

Turns out that my son who just turned 3 and has spent only 2 months in school is "courting" an older woman. S is in the junior school (albeit I admit she could be in Reception) and ever since day one when she looked after C in the playground they've become close friends.

On the one hand I'm so pleased that C is making proper friends and playing well. On the other I'm a little surprised at a friendship with such a big age gap at his age. His father however is slapping him on the back for it  (!) so perhaps at this stage I'll just remain on the fence and be happy that C has some friends his own age and also someone older who can look out for him in the playground.

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