Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Squeezing into work clothes

Back to work day and sadly it's not so much a case of "does my bum look big in this" but rather "will my skirt split when I sit down"? I've been on the crash diet and managed to lose just enough weight to squeeze back into some of my larger my work clothes but it's going to involve a lot of sucking my stomach...

Mary Poppins (aka our new Nanny) is due to arrive at 7.30am, just minutes before I need to leave for the station so I have to make sure I'm showered, my clothes are clean and my hair and makeup are firmly in place, that C has had breakfast and is in his school uniform with packed lunch ready to go and that E has had his nappy change and breakfast. I also need to tidy the house a bit so the Nanny doesn't think we live on a bomb site. Luckily (?) I have no need to set the alarm as E has decided that if I'm working all day he best stay up all night to play. So we're all downstairs by 5.15am. Joy.

C comments that he doesn't like my work clothes and thinks I should stay home with him as he'd prefer that to going to school (guilt trip is tucked away for the train ride so I can wallow properly).

7.20am and I'm almost done. I may just manage this whole working Mum thing after all.

7.21am - E spits milk and Weetabix all over my suit. Note to self. In future wear dressing gown over clothes until the last minute.

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