Friday, 27 January 2012

Playground politics

This morning I got to exchange my suit & heels for jeans and slippers as it's a working from home day (WFH).

I've been looking forward to WFH as it means I can do the school run for C before starting work - something that Mary Poppins has to do every other day. Some of you may be shocked to know that I skipped my shower this morning in favour of mooching over breakfast a bit longer (gasp). I figure if I'm working from home I can find 10 minutes somewhere to stand under the water.

We were all bundled into the car by 7.50am and the journey to school was fairly uneventful, punctuated now and again with little pearls of wisdom from C such as "snails wouldn't be so slow if they rode bikes" and singing some rocking songs such as "The wheels on the bus" and "Nelly the elephant".

I realised when I walked into the playground that I'd made a rooky error. With my non-washed hair, jeans & puffer jacket I didn't exactly fit in with the blow-dried fashion models that were dropping their children off. Playground politics just hadn't featured on my radar - what with settling back in to work. C decided I should also be the only Mum running around the playground with him like a lunatic so I threw myself in wholeheartedly and indulged in a bit of hopscotch whilst waiting for the classroom doors to open. Then, under the pitying glances of the quaffered Mum's, I manoeuvred C over to his seat and got the hell out of there.

Negotiating the rush hour traffic (and having listened to the nursery rhyme CD all the way home for no apparent reason) I tumbled in the front door at 8.55am - practically throwing E into the waiting arms of Mary Poppins so I could get onto my international conference call that started at 9am.

Next week I won't be dallying over breakfast - I'll be in that shower & prepared for the fashionista's. Until then, I'm filing away for later the philosophical discussion that C kicked off about "when Daddy had long hair was he a boy or a girl?" and am focusing back in on Cloud Computing and the global economy...


  1. So does hopscotching still look good with coiffured hair and heels?

  2. Would prefer to be the mom who hopscotches any day. C is a much happier boy because you do. Do it next time with washed hair and nice flats and I bet that makes them think.