Monday, 30 January 2012

Daddy or chips? Daddy or chips?

Which is more important? Well I’m not really trying to choose between Daddy or chips – the little girl on the advert did that long ago and we all know how well her poor Dad fared in that decision.

It’s more that this describes how I’m feeling at the moment.  I’ve hit my first dilemma of having to pick between work-life and home-life.

At work we have our financial results coming up. It’s an important time for the company and it’s crucial I'm on top of everything – from what the numbers look like to what time our CEO may be able to have a loo break on the day! Having just rejoined I need to demonstrate that I’m still able to run my part of this event like clockwork. A key planning meeting with the “powers that be” is scheduled for two week's time on Tuesday at 4pm.

I’ve also just received a letter that says we’ve finally hit the top of the waiting list for E’s portage (early stage development such as physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy). It’s an appointment we've been waiting for for 7 months and is crucial to his development. Apparently the coordinator will be round to talk to us in two week's time. On Tuesday. At 4pm.

Looking at it objectively, obviously E's care has to come first, but it frustrates the career woman in me. I'm going to mull over options for a little while longer before hitting the button that says I can't make the planning meeting.

PS: I worked from home today and when C came home from school I overheard him stating categorically to Mary Poppins that he has a very busy day at work today and so doesn't have time to get changed out of his school uniform. He "needs" to just start playing now to make sure he can fit it in. I don't know where he gets it from...

Friday, 27 January 2012

Playground politics

This morning I got to exchange my suit & heels for jeans and slippers as it's a working from home day (WFH).

I've been looking forward to WFH as it means I can do the school run for C before starting work - something that Mary Poppins has to do every other day. Some of you may be shocked to know that I skipped my shower this morning in favour of mooching over breakfast a bit longer (gasp). I figure if I'm working from home I can find 10 minutes somewhere to stand under the water.

We were all bundled into the car by 7.50am and the journey to school was fairly uneventful, punctuated now and again with little pearls of wisdom from C such as "snails wouldn't be so slow if they rode bikes" and singing some rocking songs such as "The wheels on the bus" and "Nelly the elephant".

I realised when I walked into the playground that I'd made a rooky error. With my non-washed hair, jeans & puffer jacket I didn't exactly fit in with the blow-dried fashion models that were dropping their children off. Playground politics just hadn't featured on my radar - what with settling back in to work. C decided I should also be the only Mum running around the playground with him like a lunatic so I threw myself in wholeheartedly and indulged in a bit of hopscotch whilst waiting for the classroom doors to open. Then, under the pitying glances of the quaffered Mum's, I manoeuvred C over to his seat and got the hell out of there.

Negotiating the rush hour traffic (and having listened to the nursery rhyme CD all the way home for no apparent reason) I tumbled in the front door at 8.55am - practically throwing E into the waiting arms of Mary Poppins so I could get onto my international conference call that started at 9am.

Next week I won't be dallying over breakfast - I'll be in that shower & prepared for the fashionista's. Until then, I'm filing away for later the philosophical discussion that C kicked off about "when Daddy had long hair was he a boy or a girl?" and am focusing back in on Cloud Computing and the global economy...

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Supported by Desmond Tutu

Being back in the working world means I'm once again up-to-speed with current affairs (a double edge sword that deserves a later posting all of it's own).

For now, I wanted to share the words of Desmond Tutu in a speech he gave at Davos yesterday to our world leaders:

"We won't make it without the women. Men won't make it alone. Women need to be included. What we need is a revolution led by women. The men are making a mess of it".

Well. How about it ladies? I'm up for joining the revolution. I imagine I could fit it in between the job, taking the boys to their appointments and running the household. Sleep was always over-rated anyway.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Squeezing into work clothes

Back to work day and sadly it's not so much a case of "does my bum look big in this" but rather "will my skirt split when I sit down"? I've been on the crash diet and managed to lose just enough weight to squeeze back into some of my larger my work clothes but it's going to involve a lot of sucking my stomach...

Mary Poppins (aka our new Nanny) is due to arrive at 7.30am, just minutes before I need to leave for the station so I have to make sure I'm showered, my clothes are clean and my hair and makeup are firmly in place, that C has had breakfast and is in his school uniform with packed lunch ready to go and that E has had his nappy change and breakfast. I also need to tidy the house a bit so the Nanny doesn't think we live on a bomb site. Luckily (?) I have no need to set the alarm as E has decided that if I'm working all day he best stay up all night to play. So we're all downstairs by 5.15am. Joy.

C comments that he doesn't like my work clothes and thinks I should stay home with him as he'd prefer that to going to school (guilt trip is tucked away for the train ride so I can wallow properly).

7.20am and I'm almost done. I may just manage this whole working Mum thing after all.

7.21am - E spits milk and Weetabix all over my suit. Note to self. In future wear dressing gown over clothes until the last minute.

Back to the rat-race

In the modern world us women are supposed to be able to have it all. We're all able to hold down a career whilst managing our family, enjoying a full social life and maintaing a healthy lifestyle. Ahem. If someone could just hand me the blueprint for this that would be great.

I'm a Mum of two boys - C who's just turned 3 and E who's just turned 9 months. They both have enough energy to power a duracel battery for years and in addition E has Williams Syndrome which means he has medical and developmental issues. Whilst I love them both dearly I also have a great job that I've worked hard for and want to keep (pretty sure my bank manager wants me to keep it too!). As such, I've made the decision to go back to work this week.

I figure I'll keep a blog about my experiences as it may help other Mum's in the same position and provide a few laughs along the way. I'm guessing there may also be a few of you out there who could add to my posts with your experiences.